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Welcome to a World of Pearls!
    All around the globe and for centuries, pearls have been revered as symbols of elegant femininity, masculine serenity and regal grace.   Pearls are the only gemstone which comes from a living organism, making them incredibly difficult to standardize or objectively appraise.  Because of their organic nature, the

systems and information surrounding pearls are inconsistent.  Around 99% of the people I meet have misconceptions about pearls; and similarly, around 99% of the Pearl professionals I encounter have information which is new to me.   The shroud of mystery surrounding the pearl is part of what makes it alluring, and also part of what inhibits many people from understanding the cost, value or love of pearls.

We are attracted to pearls for many reasons.  Biologically, the pearls' skin is made of calcium carbonate, which reacts with our own skin.  Thereby the pearls can aid in balancing a person’s temperature and mood.  The pearls will heat a person who is cold, and cool a person who is hot.  They facilitate calm and meditation.  Metaphorically, Pearls symbolize creation.  Pearls form when a catalyst stimulates the oyster or mussel to secrete nacre.  Nacre is the technical word for the pearl’s skin and substance.   Over hundreds of days, thousands of microscopic layers of nacre surround the original catalyst in order to make a pearl.  Thus a pearl photographs the process of birth.  Like a mussel or oyster, our human Self adapts and changes according to the challenges we encounter.  Having pearls around us can help generate appreciation toward our accomplishments, experiences, and the qualities that make us unique.  Just as a pearl takes time to form, so do our souls.  We are not born with the perspective we gain through experience.  Like pearls, we take time to form and it happens at a minute pace, each moment of the process being as singularly insignificant as a single layer of nacre.  It is only after very many layers of nacre does the pearls shape begin to show.  Pearls celebrate the joy of living, surviving and creating.   The longer a pearl forms, the larger and more valuable it will be; the more challenges we overcome, the more beautiful and accomplished we become.

     My first experience working with pearls was at the wholesale level.  During this time, I fell in love with the subtle difference in hue, shape, and feel of each pearl.  My second experience working with pearls was at the retail level, in which I worked one on one with customers, helping them to find the right pearl for them.   During this time, I learned how much pearls could brighten a person and change their demeanor.    I also witnessed firsthand the subjectivity involved in pearls.  When a person enters a retail store, they typically first seek out the right style.  If and when they find the right style, they are at the mercy of whichever pearl is set in that piece.  The probability of the pearl and the setting being right for a customer are fairly low.  Ideally, a person should be able to choose a pearl that speaks to them.  Through Honest Pearls I hope to combine my experiences to provide customers access to the volume of a wholesale operation and the guidance and singular attention of a retail establishment. 

Sourcing Our Pearls
Who I purchase pearls from is very important to me.   I travel directly to the areas in which the pearls are farmed, and am selective over which company I choose to work together with.  I believe that there should be a connection with the people I do business with. 

For this reason, I discern not only the caliper of the pearls, but also the feel of the people.  None of our pearls are color treated or artifically manipulated.  Having worked for over seven years sorting pearls each day, I am able to tell what is unique, high quality and a fair price.  I am fortunate to have had wonderful mentors who have aided in developing these traits.  I pay premiums to sort through the pearls at large volumes, searching for those that are truly special.  I cherry pick for extra strong luster, sometimes even “Metallic” like, extreme colors, and of course, clean surfaces and proportional shapes.  Sometimes I will spend as long as three days sorting through thousands of pearls of a single size range.  These are just some of the many ways I commit to bringing people the best and most unique pearls.

Determining the Prices:  
Because our company maintains very little overhead, buys from the source, and makes minimal markups, we offer fair prices to our customers.  Furthermore, we fully disclose the sources for our products.  All of our jewelry is made here in Hawaii, and we only use premium materials and precious metals, which complement our exceptional pearls.  We work with people who we trust are fair, and we hope that our customers share this sentiment as they shop with our company.  I am very grateful for all the people who I have met through the pearl, and I look forward to meeting and working with many more.

Returns and Exchanges:
Buying online is not like buying in person.  If you are not happy with your jewelry for any reason, please let us know within seven days and we will gladly give you a full refund or exchange. 

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