Honest Pearls
                 Honest People. Honest Prices. Honest Pearls.

Our Packaging

We aim to keep our base prices low by not adding
extra costs for showy boxes, logos, and other bells and whistles.  At the same time, we want our customers to have a safe and useful place to put their pearls.  This is why we provide silk pouches and attractive, but affordable, boxes.  We wish to accommodate your needs as best we can, so please do not hesitate to add any special packaging requests to your order.  You can do this in the box labeled "Special Instructions" on each product.  We also offer free gift wrapping, so please let us know if you would like this service.


Our shipping rates are as follows:

USPS Priority/First Class Mail:  $6.00
USPS Express Mail: $25.00

We fully insure all of our pearl parcels and have no exterior indicators of the contents' nature.

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